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Astrology Readings

Image: Lucy Campbell Storypath Astrology Astrology is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and opens our eyes to the big picture of our life journey. Every birth chart has its very own mythological landscape, and as a storyteller and astrologer, I specialize in tuning in to what I call the Story Path of the birth chart – the guiding path in the story of your life . The birth chart reveals our original intention for this lifetime and can serve as a helpful reminder of that which we already know on a deep level but sometimes need a little help remembering. My main intention as an astrologer is to provide you as a client with the symbolic keys that can best serve you in remembering your own unique song and gift to the world. Book an astrology reading for guidance on your life path and insight into your own personal collection of medicine stories. Astrology readings are available by long distance via Zoom. The reading is recorded as an audio file and sent to y

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