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Astrology Readings

Läs om mina astrologitjänster på svenska här.
Astrology is a powerful tool for personal growth and opens our eyes to the big picture of our life journey. Storypath Astrology is an interweaving of astrology and intuitive storytelling where I work especially with tuning in to the mythological landscape of the birth chart. Book an astrology reading for guidance on your life path and insight into your own personal collection of medicine stories. Astrology readings are available by appointment in Stockholm, Sweden, or by long distance. To book an astrology reading, I will need to know your date, place and time of birth as accurately as possible.

Birth Chart Reading:1100 SEK (110 EUR) Complete birth chart reading for new clients.
Transit Reading: 1100 SEK (110 EUR) This reading scans the horizon for the upcoming year, looking into your current and upcoming cycles of growth and transformation.
Guidance Session: 450 SEK/30 min (45 EUR) This reading focuses on a particular question and can be helpful …

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